Year 2’s Google Earth Landmark Hunt

After @simonhaughton suggested this activity following some previous work using the app Google Earth, I couldn’t wait to have a go with our Year 2s. Basically over the past few weeks looking at our topic ‘Location, location, location,’ to learn about our school, to local area and this week to our country. The children had a landmark treasure hunt to complete.

This was the list of landmarks we used thanks to Simon Haughton (click the picture to see his lesson)

The children had to put in the postcode and then search around the area to find the famous English Landmark that was there. The children loved looking at pictures and wiki links to try and find the famous landmarks. As a class we discussed what they were and why they were famous landmarks. We enjoyed listening to some of the children’s stories of visiting them. Next steps using Google Earth to learn about the whole world!