100 word challenge by aliyah

I was on a boat, heading to a place I did not know about. Everyone says that if you even dare to enter the country somebody is thrown overboard into the dead sea. My heart was beating faster than a cheetah running, I couldn’t breath. As we entered the deathly island all we could see was fog. Then we crashed! all I could see infront of us was a rock, then it started raining. there was a storm. The violent storm was heading our way, then suddenly out of nowhere a fish jumped up. then, I fell into the dead sea!

One thought on “100 word challenge by aliyah

  1. Wow! What a thought provoking few words….. thanks
    I shall only suggest that you read your work, keep an eye on your punctuation and check your spelling.
    I really look forward to reading more from you Aliyah

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