On Friday 16th October the children at Davyhulme were delighted to welcome Mike Burgess to our community who delivered a carved owl as a centre piece to our forest school area.

Mike also carved a smaller owl during the course of the day, while  showing off his exceptional skills with wood. Many of our children were astonished to learn that Mike only used four tools – a medium sized chainsaw – a small chainsaw  – a blow torch and a special tool made in Germany which he used to bore out the eyes on the owl . 

Mr McDowell dedicated the large carved owl to our school by reminding the children that the owl was chosen as a symbol  for our school by Mr Nickson who was headteacher at our school between 1964 – 1981. He also explained that the following poem would be displayed on the cover of the book on the carving as they were wise words we should all take note of : 

There was an owl ,

Who lived in an oak ,

The more he heard , the less he spoke , 

The less he spoke , the more he heard , 

We should all try to be , 

Like that wise old bird.