Breanna’s Science HW

Global Warming is harming our earth.

Global Warming is creating awful gases, which will not just damage our earth, it will also damage us. These gases are:

* ozone

* methane

* nitrious_oxide

* carbon dioxide

All these are greenhouse gases and they are ruining our earth. Places such as Africa are struggling to grow crops, ice caps are melting, low costal areas are flooding and there are more natural disasters!

DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN??????????????   NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can help stop this just by doing these little things at home:

* Switch off the lights when not needed

* Turn off  all electrical devices

* Try not to waste water

* Don’t buy tumble driers: they waste energy and electricity

* Get insulated walls

You can also install solar panels or you can get a wind turbine.

There is just one more tip… SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!