Chess Champions and Finalists for 2013-2014


Congratulations to all of our Year group Champions and Finalists in this current school year. A number of girls also entered the competition but unfortunately did not reach the finals. The girls have , however been invited to play alongside the boys making up 30 of the
best players in school as part of the Delancey Schools’Chess Challenge League 2014 .

Mr McDowell has been delighted by the quality of the league players this year including the four top female players ; Ella, Amy , Rachel and Paige. Due to the enthusiasm of the players it looks like the league competition will be over by half term. With only a week to go, it will be a certainty that Jabin will be the overall winner with a maximum score of 21 points resulting from 7 victories ! Watch this space for the final results from the chess league as it draws to a close .

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  1. i was so close of getting to the final got bit by louis

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