Christmas Cards and Gifts – Our Position.

Contrary to another urban myth which seems to be gaining credibility – our school is not against the sending of Christmas cards as a general principal . We have taken the pragmatic view that finances should be conserved as much as possible at this time of the year. We do not wish to add to the pressure on parents by ‘opening the floodgates ‘ to children asking their parents to buy Christmas cards, so that every child in the class can have one, plus the class teacher ( between 30 -35 each time ) . Delivering the cards within the school can also be a waste of time and an unnecessary distraction.

The staff have all agreed not to send each other cards but to use the money to support our chosen school charity for this season – ‘ SHELTER ‘ which we would encourage all those parents to do who find they have a little extra that would have been used to buy cards.

The staff and I have really appreciated the support we have received from parents over the year, which is often expressed in a little note or a card, so it is not necessary to fall into the ‘seasonal trap’of having to buy gifts for teachers , teaching assistants or admin staff. On behalf of the staff I would like to thank you in advance for all those acts of kindness that we will no doubt receive between now and the end of term – please do not go to any expense for us.

Instead you might like to donate or ‘Giftaid ‘ what you would spend to any worthy cause of your choosing – Syria , The Phillippines or the home charities such as Shelter or The Wood Street Mission. You have already all been so generous and caring – Thank You , have a lovely break over the holidays, see you all in the New Year .