Climate Change

Pollution in the air can crack the Ozone Layer. This is bad for our environment. Poisonous gases can reach our planet. If you want to help stop it, then walk to school or cycle not drive.

Road transport is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the UK.

I did an experiment on Lostock Road on a Sunday lunchtime. During a 10 minute period, I counted how many cars went past with only one person inside and how many with more than one.   I counted 210 cars.

These are the results :

  • Single Occupant                      120
  • Multiple Occupancy                  90

In the ten minutes I saw 19 people walking, 4 people cycling but only 1 bus.

More people in vehicles would mean fewer vehicles on the road which would mean less pollution.  I think that if I had done my experiment on a weekday morning, the number of Single Occcupant cars would have been higher, but there would have also been more buses.

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  1. Wow! Shocking results and a great insightful piece of writing.

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