Earthquakes in Japan

Earthquakes happen regularly in Japan, so children are trained when they are very young, how to get to safety. One of the things that they have to do when they’re in class is go underneath the tables to prevent anything falling on them. Tsunamis also happen in Japan and they sweep everything away in their path. The tsunamis take away trucks, cars, people and buildings. The reason that so many earthquakes happen is that Japan is between two plates, so when the plates touch, an earthquake occurs. England is not very likely to have earthquakes, but when we do, they’re so small that most of the time we can’t even feel them. Earthquakes are one of the things that we call natural disasters. Some other natural disasters are tsunamis (which we’ve already mentioned), volcanoe erruptions, tornados, floods and there are many more. I hope you enjoyed learning about earthquakes and other natural disasters. BYE!