Edwin Hubble Science Homework

Edwin Hubble

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Edwin Powell Hubble was an American astronomer born on 20th November 1889 and died on 28th September 1953. He was famous for making a huge impact on astronomy and science in general by discovering different galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Hubble’s discoveries which were announced in 1925 changed our view of the universe.

Early/Personal Life

In 1898, when he was 10 years old, Hubble and his seven siblings moved with their parents to Chicago, Illinois. Edwin Hubble was a skilled athlete and a bright student at high school, competing and achieving highly in track and field. As a high school student, he broke the Illinois state high jump record. He studied at The University of Chicago for 4 years until 1910 and then attended Oxford University where he studied law philosophy until 1913.

At the University of Chicago, Hubble’s studies focused on mathematics, astronomy and Philosophy (His career was astronomy). He also served in WW1 for 4 years.


Edwin Hubble’s discoveries include finding out about how the universe is forever expanding and how there are many other galaxies outside of our Milky Way. Hubble was also the founder of Asteroid 1373 Cincinnati (Which is his only Asteroid discovery.)


Edwin Hubble’s career has featured many “once in a life time” awards including a Frank medal, Bruce medal as well as having an asteroid and a crater on the moon named after him. Here is a complete list of all the awards Edwin Hubble has been awarded.

  • Frank Medal
  • Bruce Medal
  • Legion of Merit
  • ·Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society

Edwin Hubble remains one of the most famous astronomers of ALL TIME!