Favourite Colour:

Green- this colour means openness, sincerity and kindness. If you choose green you are surely a creative person- your head is full of ideas and you like it when they are lots of things going on around you.

Yellow- this colour is for people who are joyful and spontaneous. If this is your perfect match your friend think you are likeable and trust worthy person.

Blue- this colour is for dreamers. If this is your favourite, then you have an artist’s soul. Your friends admire your ability to create beautiful things.

Red- if this is your favourite colour it means that you are energetic, brave and self-confident. You know exactly what you want and you usually achieve your goals.

Pink- symbolizes honesty, sensitivity and protectiveness. If you choose pink it means that you’re hopeless romantic, dreaming being swept of your feet!

Purple- this colour is for people  who are generous and emotional but also indecisive. They are very intuitive, but their complex natures means they have lots of paths to follow, and they’re never sure which one to take.