Miss Gardner’s Literacy Homework!

Welcome back to all children in my Literacy class! It is time to get writing again!

Today’s homework is to enter the 100WC competition. The prompt is shown below!  You enter this by writing a blog with your 100 words on. I will then add this to the 100 word challenge website so that you are entered into the competition. I will be giving prizes out for the best writing in our Literacy class so Good Luck! Make sure that you write in complete sentences and use punctuation accurately. Think about what sentence openers and connectives you can use. Also try to think about how to keep the reader’s attention. I look forward to reading your work!


We are going to start the new year off with part of a sentence:

… but when I put the batteries in it …

Make sure you really think about your writing so that it is the very best you can share.

The link will be open until Saturday 11th January


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  1. I was just sitting on the soffa and then suddenly there was a knock at the door, it was the post man I quickly ran to the door and opened it he said ” This for Megan Holt ” so I said ” that will me ” and i quikly ran into the living room . It was about the size of a 24 inch tv . So I very eargerly opened it and gues what it was the thing I have been waitng for my whole life . A ROBOT,. Then i ran into the kitchen and scrambled in the draw and took batteries and a screwdriver then ran back into the living room . but when I put the batteries in…

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