MusoMic 100wc Bre and Liz

Imagine a place where you tremble with fear, where streets are cloaked in shadows, where repulsive rodents lurk in the darkness; this is where my story begins…

It was a breezy evening and all was quiet. Withered window panes creaked as he walked by. I wasn’t alone I had Sam (my trustworthy companion). We could hear shouting in the distance, it was him. Was this fate? You see, when I was younger he killed my parents. If I could turn back time, if their lives didn’t end that way, if they could come back; then my life wouldn’t be this way.image

One thought on “MusoMic 100wc Bre and Liz

  1. Very good use of language. It is scary, spooky, and sad. Clever to have all those emotions in one story.

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