Niamh’s homework

Our world is changing like:

The weather because in the summer it is really hot and when it is winter it turns really cold.

  •  The sea levels are rising and cities  are flooding and because of this animals will get  extinct therefore they will have no where to go.
  • Ice caps are melting and for all the animals that live in the North Pole and South Pole will have no home because they will be gone therefore because their home has melted.

Ways to help save the earth from ending:

  • To get solar panels to save electricity
  • To recycle
  • Turn the lights of when not using them
  • Don’t drop litter
  • Don’t live the hot tap running

So that’s all it takes to save the our world, so if every one  tried the world would be safe.



One thought on “Niamh’s homework

  1. Really good that you have covered all the consequences of global warming so we all know what is at stake!! Great to back it up with sound advice. Really clear, excellent.

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