Ole Y6a science homework famous scientist


Marie Sklodowska was Polish. She was born In 1867 and died in 1934. In 1891 she moved to France and studied physics chemistry and maths at the university of Paris. In 1893 she was awarded a degree in physics and began work in an industrial laboratory. She continued to study at the university and earned a second degree in 1894 she married Pierre Curie who was also a scientist. She studied and studied and eventually isolated radium through separation of chemicals. She intended to isolate polonium similar to radium but never managed this. Between 1898 and 1902 she published the fact that if people were exposed to radium and they had diseased tumour forming cells, these would be destroyed. She was awarded her doctorate in June 1903. She was the only scientist to be awarded 2 noble prizes in Physics and chemistry. She invented radiological equipment such as x-ray machines and these were used in World War 1 and are what you will see in hospitals today but with a lot more technology behind them! You may also have heard of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and Marie curie is the scientist behind all of this. Radium is used when people say they are having radiotherapy to treat cancer. It is done in small doses as too much exposure kills good cells too and will lead to death if care is not taken. It should also be noted that Marie Curie died probably due to too much exposure to radium. I wrote about Marie Curie as without her and her inventions my grandma would not have been saved from cancer. I think Marie Curie was a remarkable scientist.