Our Heating Problem …

Engineers have been in last night ( Thursday ) to drain the access tunnel under the floor. Today asbestos specialists have been in to clear the pipework making it safe for the contractors to actually repair the damage which will be attempted either over the weekend or first thing Monday morning.
Once we are given the all-clear that the pipes have been repaired and the system has been tested we will open up for business again -we will know more by Monday afternoon.

There is widespread corrosion of the pipework in our school which needs to be completely replaced at some point in the very near future. Perhaps parents could write to the Secretary of State for Education and request more funds for Trafford council, which is one of the poorest funded councils in the entire country, but one of the highest performing. Parents could also question the policy of a coalition government that takes money from the public purse to gamble on new ‘ free schools ‘ with no proven record of success, while an Outstanding school like ours has to close its doors to large numbers of children, because there isn’t enough money to replace an ancient heating system , which may well fail , again and again.

As things stand , the infant department will not open before Tuesday. We are looking at contingency plans for the future which will avoid us having to take such drastic action again.

We will do everything in our power to minimise the effects of these challenges by endeavouring to keep the school open , even in the face of any future snowfalls !

The governors and myself have a duty of care to the children and the staff of the school to keep them safe – the infant department has not been a safe or a healthy environment for the past few days.

Given time to plan, senior staff and myself have now been able to conduct risk assessments which will enable us to accommodate children from the infant department. This may involve EYFS children moving temporarily to another site within Trafford , but that plan requires final confirmation and is one for the future.

For the time being we must stay as we are with the nursery and junior department open while the infant department remains closed until further notice.

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  1. Thanks for the update , fingers crossed they can fix it Monday. I am guilty of having had a proper good moan these past few days and this update helps clarify the extent of the problem and the fact that its due to circumstances out of your control. It’s also good to know you can hopefully invoke a contingency plan in future. Thanks for your hard work bet you are looking forward to the break now.

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