Philippines disaster

In the Philippines there has been a typhoon that has made nearly the whole country homeless. Typhoon Haiyan was one of the most powerful tyhoons ever to hit land leaving thousands dead and hundreds in critical conditions. The city of Tacloban has virtually been flattened US soldiers are now flying in supplies to the Talcoban area. they are all now fighting for there lives looking for little bits of food to keep them going people with a 4 week year old baby have to sit there all day and watch there child cry for food but they can not do anything apart from wait and hope.

There has also been an estimated 12,000 babies on the way when the typhoon struck just imagine being born when something so dangerous is happening. A woman, aged 37, was lucky enough to be able to lie there clutching her 1 week year old baby , Ujan Marvie, when the typhoon struck. All 10 babies born on Friday managed to enter the world healthy and happy however, if it wasn’t for the doctors they could have been in a bad state when they were born.
by emily

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  1. Well done Emily, you have obviously learnt a lot about this awful disaster. You have clearly shown how it has affected everyone and made people think how they would feel if it happened to them. Keep up the good work !

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