Retelling Lost and Found

Last week in Literacy the Barn Owls have been using the iPad app ThingLink to help them retell the story of Lost and Found. First we put a collage of pictures together from the story using the app Pic Collage and then added them into the app ThingLink. Next, in our groups, we decided which part of the story we would each retell and practised what we would say with our partners and Miss Woodnett. Finally we recorded our videos and linked them to the pictures by uploading the videos onto ThingLink. On Monday we are going to watch our videos back and talk about all the things we did fantastically and how we could improve our retelling next time!

Miss Woodnett 🙂

One thought on “Retelling Lost and Found

  1. Thank you for this. Lovely reading and expression in Violets voice there

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