Roald Dahl Day At Flixton Girls

On Friday 27th September, Year 6 became Roald Dahl characters. The boys went to Wellacre, while the girls went to Flixton Girls. We sat down in the hall and met our leaders, whilst watching James and the Giant Peach. We met lots of people and it was an amazing experience. For the first session, our group, which was group three, went into the humanities room. We were allowed to pick out of loads of choices but our group which constisted of three people, including me, picked to create a chocolate bar. But it was not an ordinary chocolate, it was a Play Doh chocolate. We made a chocolate design with Play Doh! Then we went into the Maths room and did some math questions about Roald Dahl. I know it doesnt really sound fun but it was! Then we had lunch. next up we did P.E and played matball which is basically bench ball but on a mat. At the end of the day, we ended with a short skype with the boys at Wellacre. 20130930-201344.jpgOverall, it was the most brilliant day.20130930-201448.jpg

3 thoughts on “Roald Dahl Day At Flixton Girls

  1. I really like the idea and wish we could do this at our school and we read roald dahl books and write stories. We could have a book fair too!

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  2. Doing the Roald Dahl day was really fun because we got to go to do a lot of fun activities. It really was the best day ever

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