School Holidays – A Decision .

Thank you to all those parents and carers who took part in our recent on line ‘ Monkey Survey’ – it is important to remember that it wasn’t a vote but an attempt to get an indication of what our families were thinking about the controversial issue of school holidays .
The Governors and I really appreciated the feedback , particularly as it was at such short notice. In any case it was as we anticipated , a divisive subject and one on which we will not all be able to agree on. Taking all the factors in to account the Governors have decided to follow the template suggested by Trafford and adopted by many of our secondary school partners.
Copies of the new list will be posted on our website soon , thank you for your patience with this issue and your continued support . I recently praised all of our carers , parents grannies and grandads in getting the children to school and on time through the very difficult period before Christmas when there was a lot of sickness around – well done !