science homework

  • global warming

about global warming

global warming is harming are earth. It is causing are world to die and get hotter and hotter in the summer and colder and colder in the winter, which is causing extreme weather conditions. This effect also could kill animal habitat’s such as ice caps melting, so polar bears will have to try and cling on to ice caps there haven’t melted yet.

how it happens

this is how it happens. we let out something called green house gasses. The sun rays will shine down onto earth and normally is will go back up, but because of the green house gasses it is trapping it which makes earth hotter.

tips on how we can prevent this

  • use public transport so we aren’t use a lot of gasses
  • turn of lights when your done and don’t leave things on stand by
  • you could by solar panels or get together as a village and try to get some wind turbines
  • don’t cut down trees and plant more trees because the trees will breathe in some of the gasses and turn it into a different type of a gas
  • last but not least spread the word, the more you spread it the more people will hear it and do these things.

hope this has helped.