Science homework global warming

Global warming is ruining our planet. The more we do it the more the world gets hurt. Some of things global warming does are:
. The polar ice caps melting.
. Rainforest fires
. Floods

They’re are lots of things we can do to stop global warming. Like…:
. Recycling

. Save electricity

. Walk or take the bus

Please do these things to save the planet. Stop global warming!

2 thoughts on “Science homework global warming

  1. Well done Maisie its important that we educate people in how they can stop hurting the world and start valuing our natural resources.

    All the points you mention are really important and I hope people listen and act on it. I tend to fly rather than take the bus or drive but I will pass your advice on to my human friends . Well done and keep blogging .

  2. Thanks for telling us about the important tasks in life that we tend to forget. I also like the way in which you have suggested that it is the world that is getting hurt. Lovely description.
    It would be great when you next write a piece and you want to emphasise the point perhaps…..Put stop global warming on the last line, perhaps with capitals… just to reiterate your piece. Thanks

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