Walky talkies by lily 6a

Christmas had just past .I got the most awesome toys.I got 2 walky talkies .I gave one to Harriet my best friend so we could chat . But when I put the batteries in it and rang Harriet the person on the other side wasn’t who I expected to be the voice sounded all croaky and horrible I couldn’t believe it . I went to Harriet’s the next day but when I asked if she was playing out her mum said “I dont no who Harriet is” .Oh no. What had happened to Harriet ? Where had she gone ? Was she ok?

One thought on “Walky talkies by lily 6a

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, Lily. I relaly loved your short opening sentence and the questions at the end which left your reader really intrigued to find out more. Your long sentence in the middle gave the story some exciting speed but remember to punctuate it properly in the future. Well done!

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