Year 6 Slow Writing

Today in literacy Year 6 have been working on writing quality sentences. Everyone produced some excellent writing! Here are some examples. There are more to follow ….

The Statue of Liberty, which had a layer of frost, was up to its waist in frozen water. A sudden surge of aftershock filled the frozen wasteland (there had been a dreadful earthquake)! Suddenly, the Statue of Liberty failed to keep up the immensely heavy iron structure, resulting in a colossal, dangerous crash. Boats lay on the frozen, isolated sea. New York looked like an apocalyptic disaster. Will I ever escape this bone-chilling, eerie and spectacularly spooky place?

Sam 6A.

The ominous ice looked as though it would crack and swallow the boats whole like an ice beast. The apocalyptic, deserted wasteland had frozen everything in its path, even the statue (isolated in the distance). Isolated, deserted ice land had covered what was once a sunny place. The warm blooded people were now cold blooded statues in the abyss. This wintry wonderland isn’t like Christmas at all! An ice monster had made this inhospitable place its home. The freezing, frozen place could freeze anyone and trap them in time for an eternity! Will the uninhabitable place ever be a home? Will it break the chains of time, or will this be the start of an apocalyptic disaster?

Dylan 6B.

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  1. Great writing! Well done Sam and Dylan! (By the way congrats on the talent show dylan!)

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