The start of our Whale Project

It is our mission this year in Year 5 to blog as much as we can to build an audience for all our wonderful work. We know that having this audience will make us produce the best work possible!

Our topic this term is Kensuke’s Kingdom, the book by Michael Morpurgo. In our lessons with Mr Parkinson we are going to link this with by producing some work related to an issue our class feels very passionate about.

Mr Parkinson told us about a film he watched over the summer called, Blackfish. This documentary explored the effects captivity have on killer whales. After Mr Parkinson told us a little about the film, we wanted to research some of the effects ourselves and were astonished to see how unfair and unnatural it is to keep these very intelligent animals in captivity. Mr Parkinson made it clear that the film wasn’t appropriate to watch however did show us a suitable clip that demonstrated some of the effects captivity has on Orca.

We wanted to start this topic with a bang and raise as much awareness as possible so we decided to make a class advert for this issue. We discussed features we could include to make our advert as effective and really grab people’s attention. We used camera effects and emotive music to set the mood. We used rhetorical questions to make the viewer think and persuade them to agree with our viewpoint.

If you agree with the message in our video, please help us raise awareness by sharing our video with as many people as possible. This will hopefully provide our blog with an audience to showcase the writing we will be producing over the next few weeks. We would also love it if you can comment on our video to let us know what you think. Some of the children have already been writing about this issue and you can read them here.

3 thoughts on “The start of our Whale Project

  1. it sounds fun I remember learning about whales in year 3

  2. What a wonderful video! Thank you so much for making this. I will share it amongst my friends and family so the voice of the whale can be heard.

    I went to see Blackfish at the cinema and although I found it too upsetting to watch the whole way through, I too, was very touched by the story. I have done a lot of emailing and signed petitions in support of closing down places like Seaworld. Watching your video made me feel hopeful for the future of this beautiful mammal.

    Thank you everyone!

    Kind regards,
    Rachael Haines

  3. Thank you so much to all the children involved in this project, you should be so proud of yourselves!
    Huge thanks to Mr Parkinsob for bringing this really important subject to their attention.
    One day (hopefully in the not too distant future), we will no longer see these beautiful creatures in captivity anywhere in the world.
    They deserve our respect and to swim free!
    Again, it’s so encouraging to see that school children are so passionate about making it their dream too. Well done! X

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