Hannah Rides Her Bike Without Stabilisers

On Wednesday my Dad took my stabilisers off and we went for a ride. I took Super Poppet in the back of my bike. I did it ten times at the park straight away with Dad starting me off and at my brother Archie’s nursery. We went on a running track and we also saw Mrs Brooks at the park and her little boy. As soon as my Dad took my stabilisers off I could do it. On Thursday we went to the park again and I really enjoyed it.

10 thoughts on “Hannah Rides Her Bike Without Stabilisers

  1. Wow Hannah , it took me along time to ride a bike and when I was your age I probably wouldn’t have been able to ride my bike with out stabilisers , Riding is a fun and easy way of exersisizing and it is very nice to see that so many of your family friends and other people around the country / world are so proud of you , you should also be proud of yourself because it is such a big achievement and it is a life skill
    Well Done again!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Hannah,

    Congratulations on riding your bike without your stabilisers and thanks for letting us know with your super blog post. I hope you have a great week in school and you get out practising on your bike again soon.

    Dr Chippindall
    Crumpsall Lane Primary School

  3. We really enjoyed reading this post on your school blog. We were so pleased to hear that Hannah is now riding without stabilisers. You’re a big girl now, Hannah, and so good at writing. I’ve showed this to Les and Barry, and I’ll let Granny Pat know about it as well.
    Lots of love,
    Uncle Simon. X x

  4. Your cousins in Canada are very impressed with your cycling ability. Way to go Hannah!

  5. Well done Hannah, riding your bike is fun I have been learning to ride my bike too this holidays. Keep up the good work and keep riding.

  6. Well done for learning to ride the bike so quickly and for writing about it so well. I’m very proud of you. I told you that in person and now I can tell you on the Internet too. Dad.

  7. Well done Hannah, so glad you shared your story. My dad taught me how to ride my bike without stabilizers in Davyhulme Park 36 years ago and I loved it too. Dads are brilliant.

  8. Hi Hannah
    Very well done! That’s brilliant news that you can now ride without stabilisers. It is a very exciting moment isn’t it!? I still remember the first time I rode without stabilisers and that was a long time ago!

    Happy Cycling from Jenny

  9. It is a wonderful skill to be able to cycle without stabilisers and I hope you have lots more fun out in the fresh air on your bike with Super Poppet! My bike is one of my favourite things that I have.
    Well done Hannah

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