My Five Sentence Challenge by Ava

In the living room I can see a big massive Christmas tree and I love it. There is shiny bright lights in the living room and it is so beautiful outside. Santa might be outside. I can smell my chocolate from my calendar and I can smell Christmas dinner too. I got to eat tasty delicious Christmas dinner.

3 thoughts on “My Five Sentence Challenge by Ava

  1. Mmm we love christmas dinner to 🙂 it’s the best bit for us!We have a big christmas tree and we decorate it with lights and baublus.

  2. What amazing writing, we like how you have described Christmas using your senses.
    Class 1, Stickney,. Lincolnshire

  3. Wow!Thats a great five sentance Ava.I’m feeling realy christmassy now.

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