Word art Pictures for Calendars

Today Class RY1 made some very interesting pictures to use for their 2013 calendars!

We decided to use the iPads to draw pictures but wanted to make something unique and different. Therefore we used the app Type Drawing. This is a wonderful app to use when teaching shape poetry or maybe to produce a topic front cover. It is similar to any normal art app except you draw words rather than lines. The app make it very easy to change colour, size, font and words. For the reception/year 1 class we decided to do self portrait using our names. We types our names in and then started drawing away! The final pictures gave us some really effective pictures. The app also allows you to import pictures which you can trace around and then remove or hide to be left with just your word picture. This was a little complex for our class but definitely an option if this app was to be used with older children. The potential with this app not only as art app but within other subject especially Literacy is really exciting! Stay tuned to see how else we will use this app in the future, but for now enjoy some of the super self portraits RY1 made: