Year 1 learn how to draw using the iPads

To link with their art objectives of using digital media to create pictures. Year 1 this week used an app called “how to draw.

This very simple app has a hand full of free pictures that the children can draw. They have to follow step by step by tracing over lines to eventually build up a picture. The children were able to choose their own colours, opacity of the pencil and the size of their lines.

What I found interesting about the app was that it slowed the process of drawing down for the children and gave them a real perspective about how careful and intricate you have to be to produce a quality picture. For Year 1 children too it was a great app to use to improve fine motor skills in some and see how well they could follow instructions. There is the option to purchase loads more pictures but for a lesson on using a drawing app to produce a digital picture, this app was really useful and very easy for the children to use. Here are some examples of the pictures class 1A, RY1 and 1Y2 produced:

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