Animals in the Savannah – Fact Posters

This week Class 2B used the iPads to help them research and present their findings about different animals that live in the Savannah.

Last week the children discussed everything they knew about certain animals and also asked questions that they wanted to find out, such as – “why do Zebras have stripes?” or “Why do female lions hunt and why do male lions have manes?”

Using the iPads we decided to use the app Safari to help us with our research. The safari app allows you to access the internet and use Google to search for whatever topic.

It gave us a great platform to discuss searching on the internet to find reliable and useful information and despite there being endless amounts of fantastic websites there may also be ones that are false or contain information not appropriate for children – For more information on safe searching click here.

Once the children had answered their questions and picked up other facts along the way it was time to present their understanding in a facts poster and to do this we used the app Pic Collage.

The children chose a background of the Savannah before displaying their facts and pictures to accompany them. The children worked really hard and really were proud of their finished efforts, here are some examples:

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  1. At Shirley manor primary school in year 4 we went on a school trip to Yorkshire wild life park it was there fun.

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