Interactive Digital Advent Calendars

This week, Year 1 and 2 have been busy creating their own interactive digital Advent Calendar.
Rather than opening a door to reveal chocolate, each day will reveal a fun and interesting fact about Christmas, which the children researched themselves.

Using Pic Collage, the children then created a picture with all the numbers needed for the countdown to Christmas.

Once they had created their picture, they saved this to the camera roll.

The children then opened the app, ThingLink, which is a free app and web tool that makes your images interactive. There is so much potential to this app in many areas of the curriculum, and I have used this previously here and here.

From the iPad app, children can add text or videos on top of their image. This can then be clicked or pressed when published to reveal the embedded media.

So the children filmed each other sharing some fun and interesting facts about Christmas. Here is an example the class created, but REMEMBER, don’t press on the number until that date!

Some of Class 2A actually completed their own calendars:

Hannah, Josh, Radihka and Jasmyn
Logan, Resego and Harry
James, Kristian and Aneeqa
Taha, Haris and James
Kady, Luca and Tilly
Matthew, Theo, Finlay and Kieran
Inaya, Chloe and Emma
Isabelle, Lara and Ameera

Each class created their own calendar too:

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  1. Just watched these, brilliant!!! Especially number 18!!! We’ll be watching number 4 tomow, well done 1Y2……
    I couldnt open them on my tablet as it isn’t apple but opened straight up on the Laptop 😉

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