Showing our understanding of number bonds to 10

This week Class 1Y2 have been looking at their number bonds to 10. Today they created their own games to test each other and demonstrate their knowledge of this topic.

As a class we quickly revised our number bonds to 10 but then were posed with other questions to ponder. If we know that 6+4 = 10, can you answer this question – What is 10 – 6 or what do I add to 4 to get 10? After the children answered some examples they were then ready to create their own quizzes.

Using the app TinyTap, children created a picture by writing the numbers 1-10. The app then allows children to record themselves asking questions, they can then trace around the answer on their picture. They can then continue to add numerous questions.

Tinytap is a superb app and you can read about other ways in which we have used it – here and here.

I love this app because it gives children the ability to become experts and test their knowledge in a unique and creative way. It really tests the children as to whether they can use effective questioning, almost reversing the process – if 5 is the answer what could the question be?

Once the children had created their quizzes they could swap with each other and play other classmate’s games.

After a recent update, I have realised that the games created can now be embedded onto a blog for people without the app to enjoy. So here are a few of the children’s games:



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