Using the iPads to create 3D paper Christmas Trees

I stumbled across the app Foldify through @SimonHaughton and @skinnyboyevans and was desperate to give it a go. The app allows you to create nets of different shapes which you can then design and email or print with an AirPrinter. Currently the gmail account doesn’t work on our network with the iPads and we don’t have an air printer. So we were faced with a problem when it came to printing out the children’s designs.

We decided to create our own Christmas trees using one of the templates on the app. We designed it and could check with the in built 3D viewer:

2012-12-18 13.45.322012-12-18 14.08.41



I used the old trick of using the lock and hold button to take a screenshot and then went into the photo library and zoomed into the net and repeated the screenshot to end up with a picture like this:

Then I could upload this picture to dropbox and then send them from my laptop to the printer blowing them up to A3. This meant that they could then have a go at putting their Christmas trees together. A wonderful activity to combine ICT, Art and D&T skills. My only advice with the app is that it would be so much easier if the app had a built in export to photos button for the net picture. However a superb design app with lots of potential to create characters, tudor houses, vehicles that could be used right across the curriculum. Here were some of the finished 3D Christmas Trees: