Facetiming Nan about being an Evacuee!

What a day Year 3 have had!

Today they got to work with Mr Parkinson using the iPads to help them with their learning about World War 2.

Mr Parkinson’s grandparents were both evacuated during the Second World War. His Nan had a dreadful time staying with a family who regularly locked them out and even stole new clothes from her to give to their own daughter. Mr Parkinson’s Grandad had a completely different experience, where he was taken in like their own son; taken on holidays and treated well. As a mark of gratitude, his Grandad changed his surname by deed poll to the family he stayed with.

The children were able to listen to both these fascinating stories as Mr Parkinson Facetimed his Grandparents. Year 3 were able to then ask questions and learn exactly what life was like as an evacuee from people who went through it!

Throughout the day, children also used the iPads in creative ways to share their learning on the Blitz and the evacuation. They looked at some of Winston Churchill’s most famous speeches and performed their favourites using Morfo –

Using iMovie, they shared facts they had learnt over pictures from the Blitz. As an extension some then read a recount they had written as an Evacuee over pictures of the evacuation –

Some children also were able to experiment with Greenscreen, using the Doink Greenscreen app,  and performed extracts from the diary of Daniel Bradshaw an evacuee. This deepened the children’s understanding and gave them inspiration to write their own diary entries –

Overall a fun packed day, which gave the children the opportunity to share their learning in interesting and creative ways! I will try to upload other examples later this week!