The class from Outer Space!

Year 3’s topic this term is Space. I posed the question what could we turn ourselves into relating to our topic? It wasn’t long before the children thought….ALIENS!!!!

FotoBooth 10-in-1! LiteFirst step, using the app “fotobooth 10in1” this app if fantastic for transforming normal pictures into lots of different styles. We have previously used the ageing feature for some great speaking and listening lessons about growing old – see here.

One of the options is an Alien booth, which turns a normal picture into a creature from Outer Space.

Here was the new Extra-terrestrial Class 3B:

Once the children had made their pictures it was time to bring them to life. We decided to animate our Aliens by using the app Morfo. The app allows you to turn a normal picture into a moving, talking 3D character. It is a fantastic app that can be used in so many ways across the curriculum. Ancient historical figures can be brought back to life, hot seating for characters from books can be used. The only downside is that the time is restricted to 30 seconds of recording however the children loved bringing their pictures to life and changing the pitch of their voices, here are some of their efforts:

Class 3A from Outer Space!! from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

The pictures will now be used to inspire the children to write some Alien character descriptions in Literacy, hopefully the lesson today will inspire the children to write some amazing descriptions.