Who was the most famous Victorian?

Today in Year 3, the children had to choose two people from a list of famous Victorians. Some they recognised, some they didn’t. They were then given some time to research using their iPads about each person. As a class we discussed which common themes can we find out about each person. We decided on – how old were they when they died and what were they famous for. We also discussed the impact some of these people still have on us today and how we still use a lot of their inventions and methods.

Once they had noted down some of their ideas they then interviewed the famous Victorians by bringing them to life using the app Morfo.

The app allows children to take any photo and bring it to life to create a computer generated face which they can animate and record videos as. This is an amazing app for encouraging speaking and listening skills and also for drama and hot seating activities.

The children recorded some short videos of their Victorian figures answering some of their questions. Once they had exported them to the camera roll they then had to put together their battle in iMovie.

In iMovie, the children could add pictures and videos of the historical figures but also add text. They introduced each round and to conclude, they recorded themselves explaining who won each round and why in order to work out which person out of the pair was the most famous. At the end of the presentation they decided on a winner and explained their reasons for this choice.

The children loved the lesson as a way of acquiring and demonstrating their new found knowledge about different famous Victorians. Not every group managed to finish and I think in the future this may be a task that spans at least two lessons but as a way to learn about different Victorians, it was a lot of fun. Here are a couple of examples of the finished projects:

The Battle of Famous Victorians from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.