100 Word challenge

Tired and exhausted I ran as fast as I could trying to find the key to my house.  But was it my key?Then I met an old man he said he was looking for a key himself.  It was for his shed on the mountains.  Why was he looking for it down here then?  Then we found out we were in the battle for the key!  And now I know this is going to be a long day.   Just then I heard a sound?   What could it be?  Was it the sound of look or failure?  Then was it happening?

12 thoughts on “100 Word challenge

  1. i like all the questions you included it makes me feel included
    and i could imagine it in my head

  2. I love you use of punctuation and use of questions! You work is SO BRILLIANT

    • Connor i thing you did exellent loving the punctuation keep it up

  3. Love your story I love your questions I love how you used punctuation:-)

  4. I liked how you used lot’s of good puntuation and I liked how you used loads of questions to get use included plus the description WOW!EPIC!Also the phrase battling for the key that was the best part.The thing you could improve is you could start with a 2 pair sentence but overall really good!Brilliant!WELL DONE!!!

  5. Wow i loved this Connor i like the way you used questions

  6. I like how you added questions to make us feel included. You have really good expressions too. I like that you said that you were entering a battle.

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