3D Angry Bird Models!

Carrying on with our work using the game Angry Birds as our focus, the children made some impressive 3D Models of the characters from the game today.

Using the app Foldify children designed the net of a shape to be made into the character.

This brilliant app allows children to design a net of different 3D shapes by using different tools. This can then be printed or emailed to be cut and made into the 3D model. The potential is fantastic and the shapes provided could be used in so many creative ways in the classroom. Here is a demonstration:

The children get to see their 3D model at the exact time of designing the net. This means they can decide exactly where all the features can go. Here is a screenshot:

2013-02-05 16.47.53My only fault with this app is that there is no way of exporting the net to the photo library so that it can be easily uploaded to dropbox and printed. The fact that we had to email everything definitely slowed down the process but also is a pain as email on the iPads are a nightmare due to our proxy settings. However eventually we were able to print all our efforts and the children got to work cutting out and sticking their masterpieces together.


All the children finished at least one model and couldn’t wait to share them with the class. Here they are with their efforts:

2 thoughts on “3D Angry Bird Models!

  1. Wow! They are so impressive – good work Year 4!

  2. great,i love the effect of the 3 dimensional origami.i have tried doing the angrybirds origami but it is way behind yours!!!

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