A brilliant I-pad movie lesson (part 1)

In the morning of the 5th of February we had this AMAZING lesson with Mr Parkinson!Super Mr Parkinson told us today was a very important day if we go online… I can’t remember what day it’s called so if you can put the name of the day in the comments.Thanks.This is some of the facts he told us…

1. Do not include your real name or your friends’ names.

2.Your home, school or email address.

3.Your home or mobile phone numbers.

4.A photo of yourself.

5.Your parents’ bank or credit card details.

If there’s more please may you tell me:)It’s only a couple of rules to help you stay safe online and I know there’s going to be more.Enough of that,do you think?Shall we move onto the fun stuff?Stuff using I-pads?Yeah!!Right, after he told us about how to be safe on the internet he told us that we will be able to make our short movie trailer(actually it’s just a short clip about Internet safety…)To be continued…

2 thoughts on “A brilliant I-pad movie lesson (part 1)

  1. wow sandy that was great! it was called safer internnet day i think

  2. wow and it was called safer internet day i think and do not use personal information

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