A different kind of Christmas Card

Year 4 and Year 2 have had a go at created some word art pictures using the iPads. The app they used was Tag Cloud, this simple to use app allows children to type text into a box  and then all the words are put into a colourful and bright picture with loads of different templates and styles to choose from. This meant that the children were able flex their literacy skills while creating a unique and different Christmas card.


The challenge was to type as many words related to Christmas as possible, objects, traditions, food anything that they could think of that relates to Christmas, once they had finished they could then choose their style and create a picture that would go on the front of their Christmas cards. Year 2 used it to create inserts for their Christmas cards. The potential with this app is fantastic, I am sure to use it for topic covers, topic evaluations, vocabulary posters, alternatives to said for example, character descriptions or even to check children’s work for overused words. The app makes repeated words bigger to make it stand out. There are plenty of websites that provide a similar service such as wordle but I recommend this as an app to download if you are also using iPads.