Amazing Mad Science

At mad science we have been looking at machines. Did you know that the simplest machines to make are wheel, whisk, screw, screw and screwdriver!!!!! At mad science we get to build lots of different machines, it is very, very FUN and COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We get to take home things to test, build and play with. On the first day we went to mad science we got to take home indicater paper. This is paper that you put in to some water and it turns a different colour, that tells you if its good for you or bad for you!!!!! Last week we got a racing car to build at home. It was FUN trying to put it all together. Our science teacher is called Blast Off Ben, he is the best science teacher ever!!!!!! But if you want to come now you cant because only the people who brought their money in first can go. Mad science is AMAZING and so BRILLIANT!!!!! Mad science is the best club to go to so next time come to MAD SCIENCE!!!!!!!

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  1. weels are the best usful machine thank for you exelent speech

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