Comic Life!!!

Earlier this week,our class 4A on Tuesday I think,got to play with the I-Pads and do some work on it!The work we had to do was to make a a comic using the app called ‘Comic Life’and we also used an app called,’String’.What we did with them two apps was:

1.Mr Parkinson(our I-Pad teacher)gave us this piece of paper with a dragon on it!We had no idea what it was used for…

2.He told us we had to go on the app String,and take a couple of photos of the dragon.He also told us that we would have a surprise!So all of us, went on the I-Pad,and searched for the app ‘String’and believe it or not,there was a surprise!The dragon was real!So we took some epic photos of the dragon coming out of it’s deep,dark cavern!

3.Mr Parkinson then told us to open the app called ‘Comic Life’.We all guessed,”Right,this is the app we will (we’ll)be making our comics.”And we guessed right!We all got a partner and then we started typing ,taking photos that we didn’t take earlier,putting the photos in the right positions and editing it and improving it.

It was so easy,and me and my partner were the first one’s to finish!YAY!!!We love the app Comic Life and the other one String.Do you?