Cricket at George H Carnell Sports Centre

Cricket at George H Carnell Sports Centre

When I walked into George H Carnell I knew I was going to have fun.

Our amazing teacher Mr McGrath played a game of catch with us while we were waiting for the cricket to start.

Then the whistle went we all had to sit in a line while Derek Morgan the coach explained how to play.

We then went straight to the match against our 1st School they won the game but it didn’t matter.

After that we played 2 OTHER schools but we also lost both of those games but it still didn’t matter it was our first time.

I got lots of good comments and I’m going improve so next time watch out because Davy are going to win the CRICKET!

By Abbie4a

22 thoughts on “Cricket at George H Carnell Sports Centre

  1. really liked reading it loved the exprestion!A wounderful post well done abbie.

  2. Thankyou 4a they were amazing comments really enjoyed them thanks for the ethusiasum!
    from Abbie4a

  3. sounds like fun.might go next time brrrrriliant speech. like it abbie !!!!

  4. That sounds great i wish i could come.Hope you have fun next time you go.

  5. Well done Abbie that is great enthusiasum and a great coment!I really enjoyed reading your coment! WELL DONE!!!!!

  6. AWESOME!!!! that is great abbie I agree we can win next time.

  7. great job it is really good . It sound really fun to read and Im looking forward to reading it next time.And it is really intresting.
    from aimee
    PS great job

  8. Wow great report Abbie i really ejoyed it! I might give cricket a try!

  9. Sounds like fun! And your right it doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as you have fun!

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