Epic Filmclub

The best thing I’ve done at school is getting a place in Filmclub ! Me and my friends were so happy to get a place in this brilliant club(even though it was in 2011,that’s why its  so special to me.)  What you get to do in this fantastic club is…well…BRING TASTY SNACKS WITH YOU every Wednesday! It starts at 3:15 right after school,also there’s a little clue in the title…have you guessed it yet?Yes,it’s film.If you guessed it right then well done:)

If you want to get a place in this amazing club, then this is what you to do.

1.Behave in class or any where else in school.

2.Follow the class rules.

3.Let your/our headteacher trust you to behave in this wonderful club and watch films without chattering.

Simple as that follow these rules and you might get a lucky place in this epic club.Also it’s around the world if I didn’t remind you:)


12 thoughts on “Epic Filmclub

  1. i wish i went epic filmclub! it sounds amazing sandy, last week did you make a film in group, if you did was it diary of a wimpy kid?

  2. well done Sandy! Film club sounds really fun!!! Well…i go too.Well done

  3. film club looks fun. happy if you say it is i would like to go next time.

  4. amazing sandy i like the sound of that! mmmm i can smell sweets

  5. great job it sounds really fun well done it also sounds interesting.

  6. Well done Sandy thats a brilliant report about film club! And you’re right if we do behave and follow the rules it will be hard to choose who can be in film club! 🙂

  7. Oh my, Sandy what an amazing piece of writing.I love how you described the brrrrrrrriliant text…well done!!!

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