Freedom Friday Part 2 (Afternoon)

Right following part 1. Normally in the afternoon a teacher named Miss Gardner does some fun and exciting problem solving games ! It’s SO fun:)We even  get to sing loads of number songs for example:’Get your Bananas’ ‘The hat-trick song and many more…After the exciting problem solving lesson I’m not quite sure but I think we go to my Maths and Literacy Miss Burns as I said I’m not sure so if your in Year 4A may you correct it for me please if I got it wrong?But we usually go to art and if I remember correctly we drew a brilliant board game for the Infants including Reception.Freedom Friday is a brilliant day for having a rest so if your not in our school you could suggest it to you headteacher and see what he’ll/she’ll think…Oh sorry,I forgot to tell you on Freedom Friday we get to wear our P.E kits instead of our uniform!WOW!!That’s it I think, thanks for clicking on my blog and if you think telling your headteacher about this day that’ll be super duper.I love Freedom Fridays.Do you?

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