fun ipads!!!!!

My class go on the ipads. We do all sorts of things the first thing on the ipads was painting 4 or 5 Angry birds and then put them into a collage!

The second time with cut out an Angry Bird and bring it outside with some other things like a ruler or a book.Then we went outside and took some pictures but with a slight twist… Instead of taking normal pictures we had a person or pictures or a thing close to the camera and the other person or people further away from the camera! We needed to do teamwork one person takes the picture 1 or 2 people will be further away and one person will be close to the camera or hold a thing close to the camera! If you want to do this you will need an camera (any kind!) an picture or a person to be holding the camera, an person who holds a picture or thing or be close to the camera, and as many people who can be further away from the camera! If you try this i think you will really like it because me and my class loved doing this activity with the ipads! So if you try this at home it will look amazing!!!

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