how year 4 is going

Year 4 is going great i think?


Today in maths we did all witebored work  did negtive numbers and had a look at               my maths for how to do it for the people that don’t know how to work it.


at break there was rain so it was so it was wet play

i did so i did so mine games on my maths for the hole of wet play


we did not realy do enylitracy we just looked at a website and then we just stuck stuff in are books

break 2

it looked like it was going to be wet play again but it was not we played an anmail game then we went for lunch it was raining when we were almost done we had to go inside


are teacher teached us how to blog so we got out are planner and made notes


we were late aembly so we were last out of asembly never mined

bye bloggers