Learning all about St George!

Today is St George’s day and so Year 4 went about learning all about St George and the celebrations that happen today.

I decided that I wanted to try and encourage the children to work together with a partner to try and utilise different tools on the iPad to help them learn and complete different tasks.

So I made three QR codes each linking to a different webpage about the story of St George. I placed these around the .

a story of st geroge

facts about st george




audio story







I then set them three tasks again creating them using QR codes:

third task

questions about the story

Research facts




The first task was to scan the first QR code read the information from the webpage and answer these questions:

2013-04-23 20.27.19

I asked the children to answer these questions by creating their own eBook using the Bookcreator app. I wanted them to eventually complete all of the tasks by creating a “St George’s Day,” information book. I asked them to make a front page, answer the questions in task one and import their work from the other tasks using some of the amazing features of the bookcreator app such as importing pictures/video and adding voice recordings.

Task two asked the children to scan the second QR and create a St George’s Day fact poster using some of the interesting facts from the webpage link. To do this the children used the app Skitch to create a colourful and bright poster. This again was incorporating another app and letting children be creative in the way they presented their facts. Here is an example:

2013-04-23 14.44.24

The children were then asked to add this picture into their eBooks. The final task was for the children to then show their understanding of the story by creating their own animation about the legend of St George. They used the app Puppetpals to make their animations. This was the favourite activity for most of the class as they were able to choose characters, scenery and move them while recording themselves telling the story. It gave the children a chance to show their understanding of the story in a different and more engaging way. Once the children had exported their finished films they added them to their eBooks to complete their books and conclude a very busy but enjoyable afternoon. To see some of the finished eBooks please click the link below:


To view on an iPad/iPhone open the file in iBooks. If you are using a PC or Mac you can view the eBook using Google Chrome and Readium app. To learn more about viewing eBooks on a PC or Mac please click here.