My favourite day(s)

One of my favourite days  is probably either thrilling Thursday or fantastic Friday!    What we normally do on Thursdays is we do my favourite Literacy writing!(not really but I extremely like it.)BIG WRITING!!!If you don’t know what Big Writing is,Big Writi ng is a piece of writing of a certain topic we learn in Literacy.Recently,at our school,every class(or year group)has to create a project about a book and our class have been creating a project for a book called,’How to Live Forever.’The pictures were so colourful and bright,they were as colourful and bright as a beautiful rainbow.Plus,the description was really descriptive we could even imagine it without looking at the mind-blowing pictures.Last week,we made a diary entry for this little boy called,Peter,entering this amazing Chinese Garden and trying to find the book How to Live Forever and its record card which has been hidden for the past two years.What is also my favourite about Thursday is a assembly called’Good work assembly.’What we do in Good Work Assembly is a teacher has to choose a person to get a trophy  called the owl award and another person to collect another trophy called the sports award and the same for a very special award called the,’Mrs Fordan’s award’.Why the Mrs Fordan’s award is so special,is that only 1 person from each year group can get it! 

How to get the owl award?

If you want to get the owl award, just follow these 2 simple rules:

  1. Listen to what your teacher asks you to do.
  2. Don’t fuss. 

  How to get the Sports award?

 Obviously,if you want to get the sports award,you need to be a good sport and you also need to be good at P.E or any other sport.

How to get the Mrs Fordon’s award?

If you want to get the Mrs Fordan’s,then all you need to do is not to fuss and just carry on with your work.

If you want to know about why I like Fridays,then be sure to check out another piece of work I did called’Freedom Friday’part 1 and 2:)