panckes are scrumptious!

Today it was pancake day I was so excited to see my mum flip the pancake! Finally, school finished I knew that as soon as I come back from school she would be there waiting for me so she can flip the pancake.Eventually, I got home and went into the kitchen mum was there waiting like I thought! Mum flipped the pancake, but it got stuck to the ceiling what would dad say and mess me or mum makes he ends up shouting i hate it when he shouts because he is so loud! It was still suck, OH NO…

5 thoughts on “panckes are scrumptious!

  1. Oh,no bethany what will your dad say if he sees it I like the ending with the … it made me want to read on.Good use of your capital letters your work here was fantastic.Read through your work when your finisht to see if you can improve your work

  2. Oh dear Bethany! I hope you managed to get the pancake down before Dad got home! A great use of the prompt this week – I like how you built the tension at the beginning and then again at the end, hoping that Dad doesn’t return to find the pancake on the ceiling!
    Well done.
    Mrs Prior

  3. Oh dear Bethany! I hope the pancake comes down before Dad gets home! You have written a great story here and your reader feels for your character, hoping that they don’t get into trouble from Dad. Don’t forget to read through your work once you have written it. Maybe a few extra full stops would improve your final sentences.
    Well done though.
    Mrs Prior – Team 100WC

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