Perfect Pancake Day!

Today (Tuesday 12th February 2013) it was Pancake Day! As usual Mr McDowell did his pancake assembly at the end of the day! Some children even got to go up to the front and flip some pancakes and the teachers got to flip them as well! Mr McDowell flipped a pancake and it went really high! He also told us some safety rules about going near ovens. After the assembly the bell went and we all went home feeling happy because it was Pancake Day! When I got home I had my tea and went out to my Drama Club. After going to my Drama Club my mum and me made us all pancakes! As usual the first pancake was a disaster! Anyway we all got pancakes in the end, with lemon and sugar on them. I had that many I felt like I was really going to be sick! I had a brilliant day today and I enjoyed the assembly and of course……………THE PANCAKES!